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Spatial Harmonic Analysis of Unidirectional Microphones for Use in Superdirective Beamformers
Approach to Sound Field Analysis and Simulation Inside a Car Cabin
Automotive Audio Equalization
Talk-and-Push (TAP) – Toward More Natural Speech Dialog Initiation
MOST – The Audio/Video Backbone of the Car
Sound Field Control Using a Limited Number of Loudspeakers
Wideband Speech Communications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Whole-Body Vibration Associated with Low-Frequency Audio Reproduction Influences Preferred Equalization
The hArtes CarLab: Hardware Implementation and Algorithm Development
Retention of Factory Rear-Seat Entertainment/Video Systems When Replacing the Factory Head Unit
Latest Developments in Low Bit-Rate and High-Quality Multichannel Automotive Audio
Designing Interior Audio Cues for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
PC-Based Prototyping of Audio Applications Using Model-Based Design
Virtual Development of Mercedes Premium Audio Systems
Ensuring Accurate Playback and Analysis of Binaural Recordings for Automotive Sound Systems
Active Electromagnetic Interference Cancelation for Automotive Switch-Mode Audio Power Amplifiers
Mobile Internet Audio: A Report on the State of Technology
An Ironless Large Displacement Flat Piston Loudspeaker
Validation of a Binaural Car Scanning Meaurement System for Subjective Evaluation of Autmotive Audio Systems
Digital Audio Watermarking with Semi-Blind Detection for In-Car and Domestic Music Content Identification
A Fully Digital Single Chip 4X100W Class D Amplifier with High Immunity to the Demodulation Filter Effects
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