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Preamble by Chairman
Recording and Post-Production
Digital Audio in Video Recorders
Working with Professional DAT
Automation and Control of Equalization, Gain and Pan via Segment-Based Processing DSP Systems
Digital Workstation Networks for TV Postproduction-The Way Forward
Digital Audio Bit-Rate Reduction
Digital Audio Bit-Rate Reduction for Broadcasting
APT-X00: A Low-Delay, Low Bit-Rate, Sub-Band ADPCM Audio Coder for Broadcasting
AC-2: A Family of Low Complexity Transform-Based Music Coders
Musicam Source Coding
ASPEC Coding
Subjective Assessments on Low Bit-Rate Audio Codecs
Digital Audio Signal Processing
So You Think Performance is Cracked Using Standard Floating Point DSPs?
Applications of Real-Time Assignable FIR Filtering
Considerations for Interfacing Digital Audio Equipment to the Standards AES-3, AES-5, AES-11
A Practical Approach to Asynchronous Digital Sampling Rate Conversion with Signal Processors
Multichannel Sound for HDTV
Three-One Quadraphonic Sound System for High Definition Television
HDTV Sound Systems: How Many Channels?
High-Quality Sound for High Definition Television
An Introduction to Digital Audio (Digital Audio Tutorial)
Images of Audio (Digital Audio Tutorial)
Sampling Frequency Conversion, Sample Slippage, Pitch Changing and Varispeed (Digital Audio Tutorial)
DSP, Equalisation, Compression and Error Correction
Digital Audio Recording and Error Correction (Digital Audio Tutorial)
Digital Audio Interfacing-A Brief Overview (Digital Audio Tutorial)
AES - Audio Engineering Society