Projects and Accomplisments

In addition to the Guidelines for Conventions and Conferences, we have partnered with the University of Lethbridge to provide in-kind support in the form of translation services and dissemnation of the"Microagressions in the Studio"survey.

At AES New York in 2019, evidence of our initiatives and influence could be seen on the exhibit floor, in panels and workshops.

African Americans in Audio

African Americans in Audio panel (Paul "Willie Green" Womack, Jay Henry, Prince Charles Alexander, Abhita Austin, Ebonie Smith) : African Americans have contributed to the popular music recording industry in a number of ways, and although their achievements are visible, their representation at technical conferences and on the exhibit floor is less so. Topics included a technological pedagogy for hip-hop education and dispelling the stereotype that African-American engineers are only able to work in “Black Music” genres. Womack also chaired AES' first R&B and Hip Hop track.


SoundGirls held mentoring sessions at the SoundGirls booth and foyer area, as well as "What it Takes to Have a Successful Career in Audio" at the Project Studio Expo Recording Stage in the exhibit hall.



Keynote speaker Grandmaster Flash gave the audience some insight into his "Quick Mix Theory" and was awarded an honorary membership. Grandmaster Flash demonstrates turntables and holds up award certificate

Women's Audio Mission sponsored panels moderated by Terri Winston including "Evolution of Album Production from Start to Finish" (top) with Gloria Kaba, Heba Kadry, and Simone Torres and "Live Concert Sound" (bottom) with Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato, Liz Ip, and Fela Davis.

Women's Audio Mission panel


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