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Synthetic Reverberator - January 1960
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Multichannel Sound Reproduction Quality Improves with Angular Separation of Direct and Reflected Sounds - June 2015
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Clean Audio for TV broadcast: An Object-Based Approach for Hearing-Impaired Viewers - April 2015

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Sigmund Gudvangen

Job Title:

Member since:

Company Website:
LinkedIn Address:

Audio Fields:

  • Educational Institutions - Educator
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Software
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Transducers
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development

Job Duties:

  • Educator
  • Researcher


Responsible for a Bachelor degree in Audio Engineering. Also teaches Digital Signal Processing.

Research interests:
- Audio signal processing
- Loudspeakers
- Room-loudspeaker interaction
- 3D audio recording and reproduction

Languages: Norwegian, English, French, German.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

"The Kelvin Premium" for the periode of 1992-93, for the paper "Performance models for message passing architectures".

Education Background

PhD from University of Newcastle Upom Tyne, UK.

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