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Earl Vickers

Earl Vickers

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  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development
  • Consumer - Home
  • Consumer - Portable
  • Consumer - Telecommunications Software
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Software

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  • DSP Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Software Designer
  • Software Engineer


I have 25 years of experience in audio engineering, programming and digital signal processing. I have designed and programmed audio effects for TV chips, software plug-ins, sound card drivers and embedded systems such as mp3 jukeboxes. At the audio effects company I founded, I managed 10 programmers and interns. I have seven issued patents and two pending.

Recently I've worked on speech enhancement, stereo widening, psychoacoustic bass enhancement, graphic and parametric equalization, subwoofer crossover networks, dialog clarity enhancement, neural networks, medical devices, advanced volume leveling, pseudo-stereo, 2->5 channel upmix, and virtual surround.

I'm interested in all areas of audio effects and signal processing. Currently I'm focused primarily on algorithm development, which I'm enjoying very much.

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