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Anthony Kuzub

Anthony Kuzub

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  • Broadcasting - Television Sound
  • Broadcasting - Studio
  • Broadcasting - Transmission
  • Broadcasting - Radio

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  • Designer
  • System Designer


Vice Chair Toronto AES 2017-2019
Chair Toronto AES 2019-2021

Bio:ANTHONY KUZUB updated May 2021

Anthony is a 3rd generation recording / broadcasting engineer. Obsessed with audio from a young age, he studied Ward-Beck Systems console schematics while his dad worked at CFQC-TV in Saskatoon. He maintains , a Preservation Society whose members collate tech info and documentation about the legendary Toronto manufactured broadcast equipment. After 15 years of owning studios, producing music, mixing for IATSE 300, and refurbishing consoles he moved from Saskatoon to Toronto. In 2010 Anthony commissioned Revolution Recording as their Technical Supervisor. While Rush was recording in studio A, he built a custom Ward-Beck Systems Mixing Console for C. Anthony consulted, upgraded and designed audio equipment for community pillar like Livewire, Joao Carvalho Mastering, Lacquer Channel, many private individuals and studio visitors.

In 2016 he earned an Honors Diploma in Communication Engineering from Seneca Toronto.
Upon graduation, Anthony worked as the IP audio product manager for Toronto's Ward-Beck.Systems. While taking on the role as Chair of the Toronto Audio Engineering Society ( he designed networked audio systems for railroads, broadcast plants, transmitter sites, production studios and virtualized production environments. Most notably were his contributions in an AES70 commanded remote controlled microphone pre-amp with AES67 transceivers meeting SMPTE 2110-30 compliancy. Anthony has designed, engineered, manufactured and supplied the highest quality broadcast and studio equipment to television and radio broadcasters worldwide.

As of 2020 Anthony has been working with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to design systems to best implement Audio Engineering Society standards. Leading projects with engineering Solution for the Media technology and infrastructure services. Anthony's current portfolios include real time and file transport of production audio for radio, television and digital production.

Anthony is actively involved in the technical development of audio and media control standards.


1997-2010 - Recording studio Producer / Engineer: High Voltage Recording - Tanda Recording
2003-2018 - Audio Technician: Bell Media, IASTE 300
2010-2013 - Revolution Recording + Custom shop - Technical Supervisor - Console restoration
Ward-Beck Systems Mixing Console for their third room. Livewire, Joao Carvalho
Mastering, and Lacquer Channels Cutting system.
2013-2016 - Honors Diploma in Communication Engineering - Seneca Toronto.
2019 - Author - AES72-2019: AES standard on interconnections - Application of RJ45-type connectors and quad twisted pair cable for audio interconnections.
2014-2019 - IP audio product manager - Ward-Beck.Systems Toronto
2019 - Chair AES SC-05-05 - EMC practices
2020-present - CBC Radio Canada

Education Background

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology:

Degree Name: Electronics Engineering Technologist Communications

Grade: Honours

A comprehensive investigation of electronic circuitry, diagnostic techniques, applied mathematics, process control, and computer systems/networks. An advanced study of communication topics, including digital and data communications, the characteristics of signals and transmission media, cellular wireless systems, as well as broadband to the home.

This is a 3 year program that provides 30% hands—on laboratory work.

Program link:

Software Development;

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Anthony has spoken at NAB, AES, IBC, SMPTE meetings on the topic of networked audio using AES67 and ST2110-30

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