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Atlanta - August 26, 2022

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This event was a hybrid in-person and virtual event. Multiple musicians and vocal talents performed on individual or groups of microphones so that audio engineers and performers could hear the unique sonic characteristics different microphones capture. Sponsors were Hamilton Audio Visual ($50 for pizza) and Sweetwater (a door prize worth ~$50).

Sound sources included:

Alto Saxophone
Electric Guitar
Male Voice - Speaking
Female Voice - Singing
Acoustic Guitar
Upright Bass

Microphones on the electric guitar were:

AKG 414
Earthworks SR71
Royer 122
Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser e609
Shure SM58
Shure e609

Microphones used on the other sound sources were:

AKG 414
AKG C214
Audio Technica 4033
Earthworks QTC30
Manley Reference Gold
Neumann KM184
Neumann M149
Pyle Pro PDMIC78
Shure SM58
Shure SM7B
Sony C800G
Telefunken M80
Telefunken U47

At least one attendee joined the AES after the event. An edited version of the Pro Tools session has been shared to the AES Discord server so other members can review the recorded comparisons.

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