144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W28: Mixing VR Being in VR

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W28

Friday, May 25, 16:30 — 18:00 (Scala 1)

W28 - Mixing VR Being in VR

Daniel Deboy, DELTA Soundworks - Germany
Christian Sander, Dear Reality GmbH - Germany

Mixing Virtual Reality (VR) content such as 360° Film can be a frustrating job. Current workflows either show an equirectangular projection of the 360° film or just a small portion of the full view on regular 2D Displays, next to the common DAW environment. A representation of the audio objects as an overlay may help to map the object to the correct visual location, but is not a replacement of viewing the film with a head mounted display (HMD). We present a new workflow that enables the engineer to mix object based audio directly in VR without leaving the HMD.

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