144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W14: Production of Dance Music in 3D

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W14

Thursday, May 24, 13:30 — 14:30 (Lobby)


W14 - Production of Dance Music in 3D

Lasse Nipkow, Silent Work LLC - Zurich, Switzerland

Today's synthesizers produce almost exclusively mono and stereo sounds. Anyone who wants to implement productions for 3D audio must therefore compose corresponding sounds manually. The creation of multichannel sounds requires solid knowledge of psychoacoustics. Impressive 3D pad sounds can be constructed using very similar sounding stereo signals. And a meaningful assignment of sounds in the 3D space is subject to a number of rules. During the presentation, the most important basics of psychoacoustics, which are responsible for an impressive sound of 3D sounds, will be illustrated. In addition, methods how to create corresponding 3D sounds for a dance track, so that they can be played as 3D sounds directly from a keyboard, will be described. Various sound and video examples will be shown.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Spatial Audio

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