144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T25: Live Sound Subwoofer System Optimization

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T25

Friday, May 25, 16:15 — 17:45 (Scala 3)


T25 - Live Sound Subwoofer System Optimization

Adam J. Hill, University of Derby - Derby, Derbyshire, UK

There is little reason this day in age to accept undesirable low-frequency sound coverage in live sound reinforcement. The theories behind subwoofer system optimization are well-known within academia and various branches of industry, although this knowledge isn't always fully-translated into practical terms for end-users. This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of how to achieve desirable low-frequency sound coverage including: subwoofer polar response control, array and cluster configuration, signal routing/processing options, performance stage effects, source decorrelation, acoustic barriers and perceptual considerations. The tutorial is suitable for practitioners, academics and students, alike, providing practical approaches to low-frequency sound control and highlighting recent technological advancements.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement

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