AES New York 2013

Friday, October 18, 2:30 pm — 5:30 pm (Room 1E08)

DTV Audio Group Forum: Audio Production and Distribution in an Evolving Television Delivery Landscape

Robert Bleidt, Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies - San Jose, CA, USA
Mark Brunner, Shure, Incorporated
Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic Inc. - Lancaster, PA, USA
Roger Charlesworth, DTV Audio Group
Joe Ciaudelli, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation - Old Lyme, CT, USA
Kevin Cleary, ESPN - Belle Isle, FL, USA
Henry Cohen, CP Communications
Bob Dixon, Audio Production and Technology Consultant
Hardys Eggum, HBO
Michael Englehaupt, KQED
Frank Filipetti, the living room - West Nyack, NY, USA; METAlliance
Stacey Foster, Saturday Night Live
Richard M. Friedel, Fox Networks Engineering & Op - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ken Hahn, Sync Sound Inc. / Digital Cinema, LLC - New York, NY, USA
Jean-Marc Jot, DTS, Inc. - Los Gatos, CA, USA
Peter Larsson, Broadcast Sports Incorporated
Lawrence Manchester, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - New York, NY, USA
Adam Nicely, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - New York, NY, USA
Sean Richardson, Starz Entertainment - Englewood, CO, USA
Thomas Sahara, Turner Sports - Atlanta, GA, USA
Peter Scott, Turner Sports
Steven Silva, FOX Network Operations & Engineering - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal - New York, NY, USA
Nicolas Tsingos, Dolby Labs - San Francisco, CA, USA
Jeff Willis, ESPN

The forum is intended to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by advanced encoding schemes and to debate whether ubiquitous mobile and over-the-top content delivery demands a retrenchment to more limited audio or could lead to further audio advances. The discussion will also address the long-term implications of mobile data’s inevitable annexation of available broadcast spectrum and the resulting impact on wireless production, and will once again revisit the challenges of producing multichannel music for television.

“The transition from traditional broadcasting to a largely stream-based model opens up a lot of possibilities but potentially adds to confusion as different entities pursue a range of formats and encoding solutions. The demand for more sophisticated interactive and object-oriented services on next-generation streaming appliances, and the transition to streaming of highly sophisticated cinema formats at the very high end, are directly at odds with the common perception that television audio now needs to be dumbed down for mobile and desktop streaming. This disconnect between competing visions creates a strategic dilemma for content producers who are looking for universal delivery standards and workflow practices across a range of delivery platforms.” ~ Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group

Discussion topics will include:

A Paler Shade of White
The impending disaster of shrinking white spaces

Objects Are Closer than They Appear
Production and distribution workflow implications of object-oriented-audio

How many Channels Is Your Cloud?
Competing visions of television audio for mobile and over-the-top streaming

Television Versus Music: Round Two
Revisiting the joys of multichannel music and the struggle for stereo compatibility

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