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Fred Maher

Fred Maher

Primary Affiliation: DTS Inc. - Calabasas, CA, USA

DTS – Audio Testing and Mixing / Mastering Specialist.
I work in a 30 X 40 X 13 foot room with 55 speakers in it.
I test codecs, Algorithms, Alpha concepts of tools for 3D Authoring and rendering of Audio across a wide variety of playback scenarios. From rooms with 55 speakers in them to headphones to cellphones.
I am a member of the R&D team at DTS headquarters in Calabasas, led by Zoran Fejzo.

Background… Drum lessons starting at 10 years old. First nationwide tour at 16 years old.
(Founding member of locally influential NY band Material with Bill Laswell and Michael Beinhorn.)
Finished High School and managed a few years of college including admittance to New York’s Cooper Union, School of Architecture. Decided to leave Cooper Union after Scritti Politti was formed. Scritti Politti a UK/American pop group went on to major success in Europe the UK and The United States.

An almost completely self taught musician and a completely self taught audio engineer… I became much more interested in the “Recording Studio” and production after my first few times in a recording studio. This led to my first co-production credit in 1985, Scritti Politti?s “Cupid and Psyche „85” and my first sole production credit in 1986 at the age of 23.

Record producer… Produced and played on records by, Lou Reed, Scritti Politti, Matthew Sweet,
Information Society, Lloyd Cole, Vitamin C, V.A.S.T., Taxi Ride, and many others.
During this time I was a technological “early adopter”… Early to using MIDI with a computer,
Early to Digital Audio Workstations… Purchasing my first DAW (Pro Tools) in 1992. As a result of my early adoption philosophy, I became the “Go To” person for advice in this field.

Session List

Oct 17: W7: Tools and Workflow for the Creation of Immersive Content (Panelist)

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