AES San Francisco 2010
Workshop W15

Saturday, November 6, 3:45 pm — 4:45 pm (Room 130)

W15 - Semantic Audio Success: Commercial Applications of Semantic Audio Analysis

Jay LeBoeuf, Imagine Research
Ching-Wei Chen, Gracenote, Inc. - Emeryville, CA, USA
Aaron Master, SoundHound Inc
Erling Wold, Audible Magic

Thanks to mobile devices, cloud-computing, and ample storage and computing, we are now seeing a great dawn of products that include semantic audio analysis (SAA) technologies. Without even knowing it, millions of users reap the benefits of semantic audio analysis on a daily basis. Companies include SAA techniques to provide their users with magical experiences: offering intelligent, simple, work flows that listen to and richly interact with a user's speech, music, or environment. This workshop will introduce AES members to some of the commercial uses and applications of semantic audio analysis. A panel discussion will engage companies to describe how SAA technology has powers their innovative products, the technical challenges that they face, and the future of things to come.

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