AES San Francisco 2010
Workshop W10

Friday, November 5, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 130)

W10 - Audio Network Control Protocols

Kevin Gross, AVA Networks - Denver, CO, USA
Bradford Benn, Harman Corporation - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Richard Foss, Rhodes University - Grhamstown, South Africa
Jeff Koftinoff, Meyer Sound - Berkeley, CA, USA
Andy Schmeder, CNMAT - University of California Berkeley
Peter Stevens, BBC - London, UK

Digital audio networks have solved a number of problems related to the distribution of audio within a number of contexts, including recording studios, stadiums, convention centers, theaters, and live concerts. They provide cabling ease, better immunity to interference, and enhanced control over audio routing and signal processing when compared to analog solutions. There exist a number of audio network types, and also a number of audio network protocols, that define the messaging necessary for connection management and control of devices within networks. In this workshop a panel of audio network protocol experts will share the features of audio network protocols that they are familiar with and how network protocols might adapt and change over the next few years, bearing in mind the need for interoperability.

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