AES San Francisco 2010
Workshop W16

Saturday, November 6, 4:45 pm — 6:15 pm (Room 131)

W16 - Mastering: Art, Perception, and Technologies–2

Michael Romanowski, Michael Romanowski Mastering
Gavin Lurssen, Gavin Lurssen Mastering
Andrew Mendleson, Georgetown Masters
Joe Palmacio, The Place for Mastering
Paul Stubblebine, Paul Stubblebine Mastering
Mike Wells, Mike Wells Mastering

This is a continuation of the Mastering panel from AES 2009 in New York. We will discuss the state of Mastering in 2010 by Mastering Engineers. Mastering engineers use technology to achieve the desired results. But what gets little or no discussion is the perceptions and approaches that cause the engineer to make those choices. In this two part series, we want to talk about the art of perception and technology as it pertains to the Mastering industry in 2010, and the future. In this session, we will talk about perception and the art form of mastering, and how decisions are made based on our approaches and perception in the mastering environment.

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