AES San Francisco 2010
Workshop W4

Friday, November 5, 9:00 am — 11:00 am (Room 130)

W4 - Wireless Audio Streaming

Gary Spittle, Audio Consultant
Deepen Sinha, ATC Labs
David Trainor, APTX

High quality audio is streamed wirelessly using many forms of radio channels. These range from satellite broadcasts, to mobile telephone networks, to Bluetooth ecosystems, and proprietary ultra low latency systems. This workshop will discuss the challenges we face, along with some of the techniques used, in delivering high quality audio over these connections. Audio codecs are an essential component of each radio link. It will be shown how they are adapted for the specific audio source material, radio channel, and receiving device in the system. Furthermore, the impact of interference on the channel will be presented in relation to the codec and how the effects can be minimized.

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