AES San Francisco 2010
Workshop W5

Friday, November 5, 9:00 am — 10:45 am (Room 133)

W5 - How Does It Sound Now? The Evolution of Audio

Gary Gottlieb, Webster University
Ed Cherney
Mark Rubel
Elliot Scheiner
Al Schmitt

With 27 Grammy awards between them, panelists Al Schmitt, Elliot Scheiner, Ed Cherney, and Mark Rubel are uniquely qualified to address the issues surrounding quality in audio, the one constant through decades of transitions in our business. Moderator Gary Gottlieb (engineer, author and educator) draws from the old Chet Atkins story with the punch line, "How does it sound now?" as these audio all-stars discuss the methodology employed when confronted with new and evolving technology and how we retain quality and continue to create a product that conforms to our own high standards. This may lead to other conversations about the musicians we work with, the consumers we serve, and the differences and similarities between their standards and our own. How high should your standards be? How should it sound now? How should it sound tomorrow?

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