AES San Francisco 2010
Tutorial T6

Thursday, November 4, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 131)

T6 - Managing Tinnitus as a Working Audio Professional

Neil Cherian, Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH, USA
Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation - Chicago, IL, USA

Tinnitus is a common yet poorly understood disorder where sound is perceived in the absence of an external source. Significant sound exposure, with or without hearing loss, is the most common risk factor. Tinnitus can be debilitating and can impair quality of life. Anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders are potential consequences. Most importantly for those in the audio industry, it can significantly impair auditory perception.

This tutorial will focus on methods in managing tinnitus in the life of an audio professional. Background information will be provided regarding the basic concept of tinnitus, pertinent anatomy and physiology, audiologic parameters of tinnitus, and an overview of current research. Suggestions for identifying and mitigating high risk behaviors will be covered. Elements of medical and audiologic evaluations of tinnitus will also reviewed.

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