AES San Francisco 2010
Tutorial T5

Thursday, November 4, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 130)

T5 - ImmersAV—"Infinite-Channel" Surround Sound with HD Video—A New Entertainment Format

Robert B. Schulein

In previous tutorials, AES125 and 126 in San Francisco and Munich, the essential elements of binaural hearing, recording, and playback were presented from a historical, current practice, and future trends perspective. One future trend presented the entertainment potential derivable from the synergy of binaural audio and high definition video. Unlike traditional audio recordings, often experienced with ones eyes closed, visual image cues directly related to an audio recording are readily observed to heighten the perceived spatial accuracy of the audio experience. In recognition of the abundance of entertainment audio and video being experienced with earphones connected to personal media players and computers, a scenario can be made for producing entertainment in this fashion. What can result is a "you are there," infinite-multichannel surround audio format with high definition video. The focus of this tutorial is to present the elements of creating such productions from an artistic, and technical perspective. Of particular importance, are the considerations given to the acoustic space, the music and the musician. A range of production examples will be presented supported by a variety of headphone and high definition video playback systems.

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