AES San Francisco 2010
Tutorial T9

Saturday, November 6, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm (Room 130)

T9 - Damping of the Room Low-Frequency Acoustics (Passive and Active)

Reza Kashani
Jim Wischmeyer

As the result of its size and geometry, a room excessively amplifies sound at certain frequencies. This is the result of standing waves (acoustic resonances/modes) of the room. These are waves whose original oscillation is continuously reinforced by their own reflections. Rooms have many resonances, but only the low-frequency ones are discrete, distinct, unaffected by the sound absorbing material in the room, and accommodate most of the acoustic energy build up in the room.

In this tutorial, after discussing the low frequency room acoustics, different passive and active bass trapping techniques for adding damping to a room will be talked about and their advantages/disadvantages discussed. The event will conclude by comparing/contrasting damping with equalizing.

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