AES San Francisco 2010
Tutorial T3

Thursday, November 4, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Room 132)

T3 - Headphones, Headsets, and Earphones: Electroacoustic Design and Verification

Christopher J. Struck

This presentation reviews basic the electroacoustic concepts of gain, sensitivity, sound fields, signals, linear, and non-linear systems for ear-worn devices. The Insertion Gain concept is introduced. The orthotelephonic response is described as a target for both the free and diffuse fields. Equivalent volume and acoustic impedance are defined. Ear simulators and test manikins appropriate for Circum-, Supra-, and Intra-aural earphones are presented. The salient portions of the IEC 60268-4 standard are reviewed and examples are given of the basic measurements: Frequency Response, Distortion, Impedance. The basic concepts of Noise Canceling devices are also presented.

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