AES San Francisco 2010
Technical Tour TT14

Sunday, November 7, 1:15 pm — 2:30 pm

TT14 - Hyde Street Studios

Hyde Street Studios ( will open their doors for a tour of this historic location. Recording studios at 245 Hyde Street in San Francisco have been capturing music by seminal recording artists such as Jefferson Airplane, the Dead Kennedys, Tupac Shakur, and George Clinton since 1969, when Wally Heider helped create San Francisco's early music scene. Shortly after Wally Heider left in 1979, Hyde Street Studios took over as one of San Francisco's premier recording studios, and is still going strong as they enter their third decade. The tour will begin in Studio A with its vintage Neve 8038, continue to Studio D with its AMEK APC1000, and end at FreqLab Recording (, which recently installed a SSL 9064J console.

Price: $35 Members / $45 Nonmembers

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