AES San Francisco 2010
Lunchtime Keynote: Adam Levenson

Saturday, November 6, 1:15 pm — 2:15 pm (Room 120)

Lunchtime Keynote: Adam Levenson

Adam Levenson, Senior Director, Central Audio and Talent, Activision/Blizzard

The Trappings of Hollywood

Videogame publishers have been striving to emulate and outshine the entertainment value of blockbuster Hollywood films and primetime TV for decades. Audio presentation ranging from mix, to music, effects, voice, and related storytelling are essential aspects to reaching this elusive goal. What are the aesthetic, technical, and business similarities and differences between producing game audio and other mainstream entertainment media? How have games outdone or fallen short of the audio presentation value delivered in film and TV? Does celebrity talent in acting, scriptwriting, or composing drive sales, enhance, or detract from game play? During the next decade, how will the dramatic increase in entertainment choices and our changing economy influence consumer appetite for the trappings of Hollywood in games?

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