AES San Francisco 2010
Product Design Track Event PD9

Sunday, November 7, 5:00 pm — 6:00 pm (Room 132)

Product Design: PD9 - Licensing 3rd Party Technology: How to Make it Work for You

Alex Westner
Morten Lave
Brian Oppegaard

In the classic product design dilemma, an undersized development team is tasked with designing and building a complete product that satisfies a laundry list of market requirements in a scant mount of time. In today's rapidly moving markets, leveraging third party technologies can be an important part of any product development methodology, whether agile, iterative, linear, or waterfall. When it is not possible to develop a mature technology in-house within the constraints of the schedule, licensing technology from a third party is a viable option. This tutorial will discuss the engineering challenges of working with third parties—from design requirements to technology delivery to developer support. The benefits of third party technology integration are achieved through smart planning and close collaboration with the vendor.

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