AES San Francisco 2010
Product Design Track Event PD7

Sunday, November 7, 2:30 pm — 3:45 pm (Room 132)

Product Design: PD7 - Audio Manufacturing in a Global Economy

Steve Macatee, Rane Corporation
Rene Jaeger, LOUD Technologies
Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific
Pat Quilter, QSC Audio Products
Les Tyler, THAT Corporation

Once upon a time nearly all pro audio manufactures made their own products. Then the global economy brought us into the age of multinational contract manufacturers, and now it is not uncommon for products from competing vendors to go down the same conveyor belt. This workshop will explore how manufacturing in the global economy has affected the audio field from a number of perspectives, including: economics, quality, and innovation. Panelists represent manufactures from several corners of the industry.

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