AES San Francisco 2010
Master Class M1

Thursday, November 4, 11:30 am — 1:00 pm (Room 206)

M1 - Perception/Evaluation Audio

David Griesinger

This workshop focuses on performance acoustics in venues large and small. We will demonstrate a new neural mechanism that can detect the direct sound (DS) as separate from reverberation. The DS is vital to creating and holding the undivided attention of a listener. We will show how the perception of DS in a strong reverberant field depends on frequency, the direct to reverberant ratio, and the time delay between DS and the reverberant energy. The implications for listening rooms and hall design will be discussed. Some conclusions: listening rooms benefit from directional loudspeakers, small concert halls should not have a shoe-box shape, early lateral reflections are not necessarily beneficial, and electronic enhancement of late reverberation may be vital in small halls.

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