AES San Francisco 2010
Live Sound Seminar LS11

Sunday, November 7, 4:30 pm — 6:00 pm (Room 131)

LS11 - Networked Audio for Live Sound

Jonathan Novick, Audio Precision
Carl Bader, Aviom
Kevin Gross, AVA Networks
Lee Minich, Lab X Technologies
David Scheirman, JBL Professional
Steve Seable, Yamaha Corporation
David Scheirman, JBL Professional

Are audio networks the panacea we all hoped for or is it the peril we all fear? When it comes to live sound networks offer plenty of advantages. However, there are also tradeoffs. No two networks are alike and each offers unique benefits. Should you jump in now or wait for more standardization? FIgure out if networking makes sense for your live business.

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