AES San Francisco 2010
Live Sound Seminar LS1

Thursday, November 4, 9:30 am — 11:15 am (Room 131)

LS1 - The Greening of Live Audio for Medium and Small Operators

Tony Tissot, 4dB Sound
Bill Gelow, VP Engineering, Bosch/Electrovoice
Pat Quilter, Senior Amplifier Designer, QSC Audio Products
David Scheirman, Tour Sound Director, JBL Professional
Jeff Touzeau, Author of The Green Musician's Guide, President of Hummingbird Media, Inc.
Noah Waldron, Capsicum Pro Audio & Visual

How can smaller live audio providers embrace practices that are environmentally sound? What are the latest Earth-friendly methods and the most conscientious equipment choices? What options exist for lessened environmental impact through reduced power draw, decreased transportation, and labor costs?

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