AES San Francisco 2010
Game Audio Event G3

Thursday, November 4, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm (Room 206)

G3 - The Wide Wonderful World of 5.1 Orchestral Recordings

Richard Dekkard, Director, Orphic Media LLC
Tim Gedemer, Owner/Supervising Sound Editor, Source Sound Inc.

When recording an orchestra was a simple affair using two or three microphones, the performance, the choice and placement of said microphones, and the quality of the recording medium were all that factored into the result. These days, orchestral recording takes almost as many forms as pop recording. Spot mics, multichannel arrays, postproduction, and editing are all used in the production process. In this panel, experts in both game and film audio will be discussing the means by which producers and engineers arrive at their final goals for different formats and deal with the challenges of 5.1 orchestral recording for their mediums. Topics will include the different footprint limits in the 5.1 format used for games versus the film format—as well as the those involved in streaming bandwidth for both games and movies. Panelists will go over editing in 5.1 for games to accommodate player-driven music as compared to the linear progression standard in film editing, and will also discuss the lack of standards for 5.1 in games versus the established process and standards for film.

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