AES San Francisco 2010
Game Audio Event G10

Saturday, November 6, 11:15 am — 12:45 pm (Room 120)

G10 - Audio Cage Match!

Steve Horowitz, Composer/Producer/Referee, President, The Code International, Inc.
Peter "pdx" Drescher, Sound Designer, Twittering Machine
Larry the O

A spirited ""cage match"" discussion about sound, music, interactive audio, game soundtracks, hardware, software, and audio production, by two experienced industry veterans. Peter Drescher and Larry the O met at Berklee College of Music in 1976, and have been arguing both sides of any audio issue ever since. A series of questions will be asked by the moderator; each will be discussed for a specific amount of time. Topics might include:

• “I promise never to program a computer to play something I can’t” (aaaand ... fight!)
• How much does audio quality really matter?
• Why does MIDI sound bad, and what's it good for anymore?
• Is music supposed to be easy to learn, or difficult?
• Why do game soundtracks have to SUCK so bad!?
• Who needs interactive audio anyway?
• The Myth of Music Ownership: music as “a service you listen to,” not “a thing that you buy.”
• Have advances in technology actually made audio production better?
• (Stay tuned ... more to come)

Referee will be provided. Trained medical personnel standing by. Remember, this is not a competition, it is only an exhibition— please, no wagering. After all, there is always the remote chance these guys might agree on something!

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