AES San Francisco 2010
Game Audio Event G5

Friday, November 5, 11:30 am — 1:00 pm (Room 120)

G5 - Developing Sensible Reference Level Standards

Steve Martz, Sr. Design Engineer, THX Ltd.
Lance Brown, Cinematic Game Audio Consultant
Charles Deenen, Senior Creative Director, Audio, Electronic Arts
Ken Felton, Sound Design Manager, SCEA
Tom Hays, Director of Audio Services, Technicolor
Francesco Zambon, Audio Project Lead, Binari Sonori s.r.l.

Particularly in environments where the mix is dynamic and constantly changing, a continuing challenge for game developers is devising (and abiding by) guidelines for appropriate playback levels. While the ever-loudening, highly dynamic-range compressed strategies of the music industry may be appropriate in that world, games can use multiple alternate techniques to 'feel' louder and maintain a wide dynamic range without forcing the player to scramble for their remote. This panel will cover the findings of an ongoing multi-platform, multi-studio conversation about what such a set of guidelines would look like, and how we can apply these.

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