AES San Francisco 2010
Game Audio Event G1

Thursday, November 4, 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm (Room 120)

G1 - Code Monkey Part 1: What Game Audio Content Providers Need to Know About C++ Programming

Peter "pdx" Drescher, Sound Designer, Twittering Machine

It's like Jane Goodall and the chimps—earn the ways of programmers and they will let you into their group. Being able to speak "the language" is helpful not only in communicating your ideas to them, but also in tracking down implementation bugs and understanding what *exactly* your programmer has been saying all these years. The author has written an application in C++ / Objective-C for Mac OSX that plays FMOD Designer's Interactive Music examples, and will use it to illustrate basic programming concepts. The source code and Xcode project will be available for download.

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