AES San Francisco 2010
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B5

Friday, November 5, 9:00 am — 10:15 am (Room 206)

B5 - Audio for the Olympic Broadcast

Michael Nunan, CTV
Joshua Tidsbury, CTV

Broadcasting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games for Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium was an exercise in large numbers.

17 days
2450 hours of programming
12 TV channels
20 Radio stations
22 languages

1400+ staff
7 Production Control Rooms, 6 studios, 15 crews
21 edit suites and more than 30 editors

“The Olympic Suite” music package produced in-house for the Games contained more than 240 cues. Over 400 animated production elements were designed, mixed, and deployed. More than 40 hours of "Feature" content was pre-produced for in-games use.

Tackling the audio for this massive undertaking would be daunting under any circumstances—but to do it in support of the first ever Olympic Winter Games to be produced entirely in 5.1 Surround was remarkable. Join us for a look behind the scenes of an amazing sonic adventure in Vancouver. The presentation will provide some insight into infrastructure, training, work flow, sound design, music production, and much more—from pre-production through to the Closing Ceremony.

Presenting this session will be 2 members of the CTV Operations and Engineering group: Michael Nunan and Joshua Tidsbury. Between them, Michael and Josh lived every moment of the Games and are pleased to have the opportunity to share their experiences.

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