AES San Francisco 2010
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B2

Thursday, November 4, 11:30 am — 1:00 pm (Room 133)

B2 - Innovations in Digital TV

Jerry Whitaker, ATSC
Tim Carroll, Linear Accoustic
Sterling Davis, Cox Media Group
David Layer, NAB
Geir Skaaden, DTS Inc.
David Wilson, CEA

With the transition to digital television in North America well behind us, the various elements of the broadcast-to-consumer chain continue to look for ways to improve the service. Recent developments include technologies such as mobile DTV, non-real-time delivery of program material, and Internet-enabled television sets. Cooperative efforts are underway to develop new services while at the same time preserving the legacy services enjoyed by millions of consumers. This session will examine work currently underway to advance digital television to the next level, including concepts, options, and possible timelines.

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