AES New York 2009
Student / Career Event

Sunday, October 11, 4:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Education Forum Panel

Alex Case, University of Massachusetts–Lowell - Lowell, MA, USA
John Krivit, New England Institute of Art - Brookline, MA, USA

Continuing the thread of very productive dialog started at the AES Convention in Munich last May, all educators are invited to join this open discussion on how we teach students about sound quality and high production standards. In an age when many graduates will not have the chance to work with the finest equipment in the finest rooms, what are the responsibilities of the faculty and what are the expectations for the facilities at institutions of higher learning? Come share your approaches and learn from others as we all seek to teach quality. An open forum for educators, students are also welcome to attend and participate.

For further information on these events please check the AES Students website.