AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Student / Career Event

Saturday, May 9, 20:00 — 23:00

Student Dinner & Party
20:00 to ???

Both dinner and party will take place at the "saf at Zerwirk," which is restaurant in downtown Munich on Saturday, May 9th. The dinner is scheduled for 8 pm, the party will start at 10 pm.

The restaurant is not open to the public on that evening, so it is a private event. The restaurant is located in the Ledererstrasse only a two minute walk from Marienplatz, Munichs central square and an important transportation hub.

The food:

Saf is a vegan restaurant. There will either be a buffet or a menu for approximately 20 € apiece. There will be fifty tickets for the dinner that will be sold after SDA-1 and at the Student Science Spot.

The party:

After the dinner there will be the chance to get together and have a good time at the Student Party. The Graz student section will take care of the music. There won't be an entrance fee for the party, but of course everybody will have to pay for their own drinks.

For further information on these events please check the AES Students website.