AES Amsterdam 2008
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AES Amsterdam 2008
Student / Career Event

Monday, May 19, 13:30 — 15:30

Jason Corey, University of Michigan
Mark Drews, University of Stavanger - Norway
Theresa Leonard, The Banff Centre - Canada
Konrad Strauss, Indiana University - USA
Cornelis Van der Gragt, The Hague Royal Conservatoire - The Netherlands

Guiding and Evaluating Student Learning in Audio Engineering

As educators we are concerned with aiding and facilitating students' acquisition of knowledge and experience. We also usually need to find some method of evaluating whether students have gained the appropriate skill level and knowledge base for a given course. As audio is somewhat unique in terms of how students increase their knowledge of the field, we as educators are faced with unique challenges as well. During the discussion the panel will consider questions such as: What are the best ways to evaluate how well students are learning audio engineering? How should lectures, labs, and projects be structured to facilitate student learning in this field? How should we best deal with differences in learning among students in a class? How much should curricula change as technology and the industry changes?

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