AES Amsterdam 2008
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AES Amsterdam 2008
Master Class M1

Sunday, May 18, 14:00 — 16:00

Richard Small, Harman-Motive Inc. - USA
Neville Thiele, University of Sydney - Sydney, NSW, Australia

The loudspeaker parameters provide a procedure that is now established universally for specifying loudspeaker drivers and designing their enclosures and associated equalizers. Their derivation and measurement involves simplifications and approximations to what is, in fact, a complex acoustical/mechanical/electrical system. They apply most accurately to the response of the system to small signals but nevertheless allow measurements to be made with surprisingly simple equipment and the performance of loudspeaker systems to be predicted with high precision. Since the initial publications between 1961 and 1973, their effectiveness has been increased through additions and refinements in understanding the mechanisms involved and in measuring and calculating them, made by a number of researchers and reported in a number of places. This master class aims to present them in a unified whole, correct some misconceptions, and answer some frequently-asked questions that, over the years, have arisen and mystified some students and designers.

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