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Last Updated: 20050928, mei

Friday, October 7, 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Music Production for Film/TV: New Technology, New Budgets, New Solutions

Joe Carroll, Founder, Manhattan Producers Alliance
Rob Cavicchio, Founder and CEO, the Soundtrack Group multi-room facilities in both Boston and New York as well as S

This panel is essential for film and television composers, music producers, songwriters, and film/TV producers who are interested in the changing face of the studio business. The discussion will feature a cross-section of veteran recording studio and music house principles on re-inventing business models to suit the current economic climate. This will be a broad discussion and audience participation will be welcomed on such subjects as:
- The multi-user, multipurpose studios
- Boutique or Supermarket?
- How does a cooperative studio work?
- Workflow management
- The high tech future -- centralized- server based audio, samples, everything
- Repurposing facilities: quickly responding to shifting demands

Seminar Room 1E04

This session is sponsored by the Manhattan Producers Alliance

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