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Last Updated: 20050928, mei

Friday, October 7, 3:30 pm — 5:00 pm

The Next Generation Consumer Disc Formats — HD DVD

David Anthony, Co-Founder, Giant Interactive - New York, NY, USA
Lorr Kramer, Vice President, Technology Strategy, DTS - Agoura Hills, CA, USA
Bob Ludwig, President, Gateway Mastering - Portland, ME, USA
Brian Murphy, , Regional Manager Eastern North America Professional Products Group, Sonic Solutions - San Francisco, CA, USA
Steve Venezia, Manager, DTV Broadcast Support, Dolby Labs - San Francisco, CA, USA
Mark Waring, Director, Sanyo Technology Center USA - San Jose, CA, USA

The next generation of consumer disc formats is coming, with the scheduled introduction of the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Included in both new formats is the capability of delivering multichannel lossless audio. In response to professional demand for technical and practical information about these next-generation discs, AES and Dolby will be presenting a series of panel discussions that focus on the technologies and economics of these new formats. The panels are being produced and moderated by optical media journalist Dan Daley, regular contributor to all three media technical publications—MediaLine, One to One, and Mediaware. Attendees will learn about how each format is structured, about authoring tools, how the discs are replicated, and how both formats will impact the music, game, and video markets.

Seminar Room 1E04

This session is sponsored by Dolby.

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