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Sunday, October 9, 10:00 am — 11:30 am

Platinum Road Warriors: Live Sound

Clive Young
Howard Page
M. L. Procise
Brian Speiser

This freewheeling panel of touring professionals will cover the latest trends, techniques, and tools that shape modern sound reinforcement. The all-star panel will careen through subject matter ranging from gear to gossip, in what promises to be an entertaining and educational 90 minutes—with the engineers on the business side of the microphone, saying something besides “testing” and “check” for a change!

Brian Speiser—Speiser started touring at the age of 20 and at 22, became the front of house engineer for They Might Be Giants, a position he's held for the last six years. During that time, he's mixed several live releases for the band as well as a live direct tv concert filmed for Disney Records. Additionally, he's "done a short jail sentence as Ryan Adams' front of house engineer" and is currently touring with The Indigo Girls.

Howard Page, Showco—Howard Page is the director of engineering for Showco, a division of Clair Brothers Audio. Having spent decades in the live pro audio business, Page has mixed tours for acts as varied as Van Halen and Sade, but his biggest impact arguably may be his conception and development of Showco’s Showconsole, one of the first digitally controlled analog live mixing desks--the sixth console he has designed and built over his career. A native of Australia, Page spent 17 years as a partner in Jans Concert Productions, before coming to America in 1989, where he has worked for Showco ever since.

M.L. Procise, Showco—M.L. Procise, Senior VP of Sales for Showco.

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