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Sunday, October 9, 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm

Platinum Mastering—Award-Winning Mastering

Bob Ludwig
David Glasser, Airshow Mastering - Boulder, CO, USA
Gavin Lurssen, The Mastering Lab - Hollywood, CA, USA
Joe Palmaccio, Sony Music Studios - New York City, NY, USA
Mark Wilder, Sony Music Studios - New York City, NY, USA

The purpose of mastering, the final creative step in the making of a commercial recording, is to bring fourth all the musicality that is inherent in the given source. Mastering is most successful when the experienced engineer's analytical left brain no longer needs conscious attention and the talented, holistic, right brain process can take over and yield a great sound the producer and artists sometimes never even imagined.

This year's mastering panelists are all Grammy Award-winning engineers. Each person will describe the mastering sessions for their particular Grammy winning projects. This will give the audience a more clear understanding of the contribution the mastering engineer makes to the music you buy. Our emphasis will be on historical recordings but we will also talk about what it takes to win the "Album of the Year" award which will include surround sound. Audience questions will be welcomed.

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