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Rupert Neve


“Where Audio Comes Alive” Theme Complements AES Focus

Rupert Neve, a prime mover in the development of modern mixing consoles, will deliver the Keynote Speech, “Where Audio Comes Alive,” at the 119th AES Convention at noon on Friday, October 7th at New York’s Javits Center. “Rupert Neve has led a remarkable life, dedicated to perfecting the art of audio reproduction,” said AES Executive Director, Roger Furness. “His career spans over 60 years and has influenced generations of audio designers. We are honored to have him present this year’s Keynote address.”

Mr. Neve’s speech will focus on Recording: “Interest in the satisfactory recording, storage and reproduction of sound has never been higher,” he says, adding the eternal question, “Have we got it right?”
Rupert Neve, began his life in audio in Argentina, mending radios to bring people news of WW II. Arriving in England at 17, he converted a retired US army ambulance into a mobile studio, recording choirs, music festivals and public events on 78 RPM lacquer disks. These early steps led to his pioneering development of the modern recording console.
By 1964, Neve had developed high performance transistor equipment that replaced traditional valve designs. His first client for the new transistor equipment was Phillips Records Ltd . The success of these units led to orders from Phillips and other recording studios for mixing consoles. These attained a reputation for sonic clarity and excellent workmanship. Demand grew rapidly and by 1973 the Neve team had grown to over 500 members worldwide. During this period Neve introduced 'Moving Fader Automation', or NECAM, the first moving fader system. 
In 1976, a Neve 16/4 console had been equipped with machine control and legendary producer George Martin was invited to try out the new system. After a day remixing masters his comment was, "How soon can I have one?" 

Rupert Neve was inducted into the Mix Magazine Hall of Fame in1989. He received the 1997 Technical Grammy Award, was honored as “Man of the Century,” by Studio Sound Magazine in 1999, and was selected by his peers as the Number One Audio Personality of the 20th Century.

Over the last 20 years, operating as ARN Consultants, Mr. Neve collaborated with a number of manufacturers to produce some of the finest audio consoles the industry has ever seen (or heard) -- including the Amek 9098, the Focusrite Forte and Studio models, and with Legendary Audio, Masterpiece Mastering, Summit Audio and Taylor Guitars -- to produce a variety of audio products, from preamplifiers to fully automated analog mixing consoles. Now based in Texas, Mr. Neve established Rupert Neve Designs in April 2005 and launched The Portico range of modular preamplifiers, equalizers, dynamics, image controllers and other new high performance products.

Update: The full special events listing has now been released.


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119th AES CONVENTION          
CONTACT:   Howard Sherman
+1 212 777 4711
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119th AES Convention – Where Audio Comes Alive
Jacob Javits Center, NYC – October 7 – 10, 2005

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