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Saturday, October 8, 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm

B3 - Surround Sound for Digital Radio

Herb Squire, DSI
Steve Fluker, Cox Radio
Frank Foti, Telos-Omnia
Stephan Geyersberger, Fraunhaufer IIS
Alex Kosiorek, Cincinnati Public Radio
Alan Kraemer, SRS Labs
Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs
Tony Massielo, XM Radio
Noel McKenna, Audio Processing Technology
Mike Pappas, KUVO FM
Skip Pizzi, Microsoft Corporation
Geir Skaaden, Neural Audio

Radio is evolving past the barriers of stereo and is introducing Surround Sound. Various surround sound codecs are being proposed and implementaf for both satellite and terrestrial digital radio. We will discuss some of the various methods that have been proposed, developed, and demonstrated for broadcasting surround sound via digital radio transmission. There will also be demonstrations of some of the surround systems and their ability to interface with existing broadcast and bandwidth restraints.

This will be a discussion of technologies and not a political debate.

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