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November 4, 2011 - Membership Record, Audio Networking Conference, 131st Wrap-up, Calls for Papers in Budapest and Chicago

Table of Contents

  1. AES Membership At Highest Level Ever
  2. 44th Conference on Audio Networking Reminder - San Diego
  3. 131st Convention Wrap-up
  4. Call for Papers: 132nd Convention in Budapest
  5. Call for Papers: Music Induced Hearing Disorders - Chicago

AES Membership At Highest Level Ever

Join the AES

The Audio Engineering Society is pleased to announce that we now have more members than at any other time in the history of the Society. Our membership count at the end of October 2011 was 14,637, not counting Sustaining Members. Before this our previous record was November 2010 with 14,472.

As you can see there's never been a better time to be an AES member considering the huge amount of fellow audio engineers that you can network with at local section events, international conferences, or one of our biannual conventions. Please spread the word and encourage your colleagues to join as well and together we can make it an even richer experience for the new generation joining our ranks and for those of us already working to make a better world through high quality audio.

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44th Conference on Audio Networking Reminder - San Diego

AES 44th Conference

AES 44th International Conference, 2011
Audio Networking
Dates: November 18-20, 2011   Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Recent advances in networking technology and the availability of high-bandwidth connectivity have made audio networking a rapidly growing area in the AES. Increasingly, broadcasters connect with remote correspondents and audiences via the Internet, audio installations communicate in-house and with distant collaborators using LANs or WANs, businesses hold intercontinental meetings via high-definition video conferencing systems, and musicians perform together over thousands of miles in distributed concerts. The AES 44th International Conference will focus on recent advances in audio networking, including applications for live sound, studio installations, commercial applications, archiving and preservation, remote auditioning, pedagogy, performance over networks, and other use cases. In addition to paper sessions, the conference will consist of invited speakers, panel discussions of topics central to audio networking, and several invited technology demonstrations.

There is still time to plan your trip to beautiful San Diego so register today before the price goes up Sunday night!

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131st Convention Wrap-up

AES 131st Convention

With the successful completion of the 131st AES Convention on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, one of the most positive, pages have been writ in the annals of AES history. As 310 Exhibitors and 15,926 attendees thronged to NY’s Jacob Javits Center for the “World Series of Pro Audio,” flawless fall weather and rampant enthusiasm coalesced in a textbook example of planning and execution. “Soon after the curtains fell on last year’s event, our 2011 Committee began the first of over a dozen intensive planning meetings,” reports Convention Chair Jim Anderson. Each Chair brought an extraordinary degree of commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism to the table. The results of their labors registered rave reviews and high praise from attendees and exhibitors alike.” (Continue reading...)

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Call for Papers: 132nd Convention in Budapest

AES 132nd Convention

AES 132nd Convention - AES Budapest 2012
Location: Budapest Congress & World Trade Center, Budapest, Hungary
Conference Dates: April 26-29, 2012

The 132nd Convention Committee has issued a Call for Papers for our next AES convention which will take place late April in Budapest, Hungary. Authors have the option of proposing complete manuscripts (10 pages maximum) for peer review; full-manuscript proposals will be eligible for the 132nd Convention Paper Award and for review and possible publication in the AES Journal. If a proposed complete manuscript is not accepted as a peer-reviewed paper, it can still be accepted as an abstract/précis paper.

The standard option is also still available: a proposed title, 60- to 120-word abstract, and 500- to 750-word précis of the paper must be submitted electronically to the AES 132nd proposal submission site by December 14, 2011. The submission site is expected to open late next week so start preparing your proposal now.

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Call for Papers: Music Induced Hearing Disorders

47th Conference

AES 47th International Conference
Dates: June 20-22, 2012
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Chair: Michael Santucci

With the advent and omnipresence of portable listening devices and louder sound systems for live sound reproduction, the interest in music-induced hearing disorders and their measurement and prevention is global. This conference will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of state–of-the-art hearing-loss prevention strategies and devices as they relate to music production and reproduction.

The conference committee invites the submission of complete manuscripts (maximum 10 pages, 3000 words) by January 15, 2012 at our paper submission site which should be up by December 15, 2011.

The committee also invites submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials, before January 15, 2012. More details are available in the Call for Papers on our conference website.

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