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July 20, 2011 - 42nd Conference on Semantic Audio, Executive Director News, Job Board Update, New Journal

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  1. 42nd Conference on Semantic Audio Starts Friday
  2. AES Executive Director Roger Furness To Step Down
  3. Job Board Update
  4. AES Journal June Issue Now Available

42nd Conference on Semantic Audio Starts Friday

42nd Conference

The evolution of digital audio technologies, audio compression and streaming has significantly changed the way digital audio is consumed, managed and edited. Personal music collections nowadays comprise up to ten-thousands of music titles. Even mobile devices are able to store some thousands of songs. But these magnitudes are nothing compared to the vast amount of music data digitally available on the Internet. New audio content can be produced at a very low cost, thus user-generated content grows more and more each day.

You can read more about this conference and its preliminary program on our website. It's not too late to register online and students can even sign up for a one day pass if you can only attend one day of the conference.

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AES Executive Director Roger Furness To Step Down

Search Committee To Be Formed

Jim Kaiser, President of the Audio Engineering Society has announced that Roger Furness, AES Executive Director since 1994, will step down from his position at the end of 2011. An AES member since 1975, Mr. Furness has served as Section Chair, Vice President AES Europe and as AES President. To ensure continuity in all aspects of the AES organization, the Executive Committee has asked him to remain as Executive Director Emeritus throughout 2012.

“My seventeen years as AES Executive Director have been an exhilarating and deeply gratifying experience,” Furness said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Convention Committees on nearly 40 major events in the United States and throughout Europe. I have also been privileged to work with AES members around the world on hundreds of Conferences, Workshops and internal events. I take great pride in these accomplishments and in having guided the AES through the particularly difficult times experienced by the entire professional audio industry over the past decade. I look forward to continue to contribute my time and energy to this indispensable organization in future years.”

Jim Kaiser reports that the Executive Committee will form an Executive Director search committee and that a Call For Application announcement will be forthcoming. “Roger Furness has performed an important and extremely difficult job for the AES for the past seventeen years,” Kaiser said. “We greatly appreciate his decision to continue to work with us after a qualified replacement has been found, to insure a smooth transition.”

Job Board Update

Job Board Update

The AES Job Board is where our sustaining members post their latest job openings. As an AES member you have exclusive access to this list. The most recent postings can be found here:

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AES Journal June Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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