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January 6, 2010 - Blu-ray Audio Tutorial, Audio Forensics Call for Papers, Board Nominations, December Journal

Table of Contents

  1. Tutorial on Blu-ray Audio
  2. 39th Conference Call For Papers
  3. Call for Board of Governors Nominations
  4. Author Notes: Paper Proposal Deadlines
  5. AES Journal December Issue Now Available

Tutorial on Blu-ray Audio

AES Tutorial

The latest in our series of on-line tutorials is now available at

Blu-ray—The Next (And Only?) Chance for High Resolution Music Media was presented at the 126th Convention in Munich by Johannes Müller. Although originally presented as a workshop, it has considerable tutorial value for audio engineers interested in using Blu-ray as an audio delivery medium. The concept of utilizing Blu-ray as a pure audio format will be explained, and Blu-ray will be positioned as successor to both SACD and DVD-A. The operational functionality and the double concept of making it usable both with and without a screen will be explained.

You can view a trailer of this presentation on YouTube.

These tutorials are currently only available for viewing online and cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.

Francis Rumsey, Online tutorials project manager

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39th Conference Call For Papers

AES 39th Conference

AES 39th International Conference, 2010
Audio Forensics: Practices and Challenges
Dates: June 17–19, 2010   Location: Hillerød, Denmark
Chair: Eddy B. Brixen, EBB-consult, Denmark

The AES 39th International Conference is dedicated to the field of audio forensics, exploring its history, current practices, and future challenges. Digital technology has revolutionized audio forensics, providing significant advances in audio recording, speech/signal processing, and analysis. However, the ever-expanding prevalence of multimedia devices in today’s society has resulted in a vast increase in types of recording formats, along with the availability of inexpensive, easy-to-use editing and manipulation software. These factors, together with the use of perceptual encoding techniques, pose significant challenges for the forensic processing and analysis of recordings, detection of forgeries and alterations, speech enhancement, and voice identification.

The AES 39th Conference Committee invites submission of research and technical papers by January 20th.

The Committee also invites presentations from forensic audio hardware and software vendors on their specific products, in the form of tutorial-demonstrations. These will not be published in the proceedings, but (given sufficient interest) a special session will be provided for authors describing their specific innovations and products.

Tutorial studies will be presented prior to topics presented during the AES 39th Conference. This is to provide historical and practical perspective to the technical papers and workshops. High-quality audio and video support will be provided for presentations and laboratory demonstrations. Authors may submit proposals for papers, workshops, and tutorials.

The full call for papers, including proposed topic areas, can be downloaded from

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Call for Board of Governors Nominations

AES Nominations

The Nominations Committee is at this time soliciting the names of members to be considered for possible inclusion in the 2010 ballot for election of officers to the Board of Governors. To aid us in this task, please let us know if there is someone you would like us to consider for this election.

To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must be a voting member of the Society and belong to one of the following membership categories: honorary member, fellow, or member, and must be willing and able to attend the meeting of the Board of Governors each year.

Nominations must be received by February 22, 2010 and can now be submitted online.

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Author Notes: Paper Proposal Deadlines

Author Note

Authors, the deadline for submitting contributions to the 38th Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation is January 13th. For the full announcement please refer to last month's E-News.

Also, as mentioned above, the deadline for the 39th Conference on Audio Forensics is January 20th.

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AES Journal December Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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