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August 18, 2009 - 127th Convention Calendar, Denmark Conference, TEC Awards, New Tutorial and Journal

Table of Contents

  1. AES New York 2009 Calendar and Registration
  2. 37th Conference: Class D Audio Amplification
  3. New Tutorial on Class D Audio Amplification
  4. AES Members Can Now Vote in TEC Awards
  5. AES Journal July/August Issue Now Available

AES New York 2009 Calendar and Registration

AES New York 2009

You can now browse through the extensive technical program calendar and then register for your badge with the advance registration discount.

If you are only planning on attending the exhibition then we have a new member benefit for 2009: a FREE VIP "Exhibits Only" badge! All you have to do is register as a member and enter this VIP code: AESMEM2009 or you can simply login here and follow the instructions in the "VIP Registration" section.

If you'll need a hotel or a flight then make sure to reserve your hotel room soon. For flights, we'd suggest checking out the special 5% discount we've arranged with JetBlue Airways.

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37th Conference: Class D Audio Amplification

37th Conference

Registration is still open for the 37th AES Conference on Class D Audio Amplification in Hillerød, Denmark. The conference committee has compiled a very comprehensive program including 20 high quality paper presentations and a workshop. This includes a Keynote Address from Lars Risbo of Texas Instruments and an invited presentation by John Oh of Pulsus. This will ensure a world class scientific level of information at the conference, where all leading scientists and practitioners in Class D Audio Amplification will meet, exchange knowledge and expand their professional network. The Conference dates are August 28-30.

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New Tutorial on Class D Audio Amplification


The latest in our series of online tutorials is now available for members to view online.

Given by AES member, Bruno Putzeys, at the 124th Convention, A UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR OF CLASS D AUDIO AMPLIFICATION helps to demystify the otherwise baffling array of seemingly disjoint philosophies and topologies. Putzeys outlines the building blocks and design choices underlying all Class D designs, as well as showing how certain arrangements can have real performance advantages. The release of this master class is timed to coincide with the 37th International Conference on Class D audio amplification.

Please note: most AES tutorials are currently only available to view online in streamed form. They cannot be downloaded and stored for offline viewing.

Francis Rumsey, AES Tutorials Project

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AES Members Can Now Vote in TEC Awards

TEC Awards

This year, members of the Audio Engineering Society will be eligible to vote online for the 25th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards, recognizing outstanding achievement in professional audio technology and production. Presented by the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio, since 1985 the TEC Awards has honored several thousand audio products and innovations, as well as dozens of the greatest contributors to the art and science of sound.

The TEC Awards will be presented at the 127th AES Convention in New York City. To ensure that the ultimate winners represent the most advanced and useful technology, as well as creative expertise, it is important that AES members take advantage of this opportunity.

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AES Journal July/August Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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