2021 AES International Conference on Automotive Audio


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2021 AES International Conference on

  Automotive Audio

"Automotive Audio in A Disruptive Mobility World"

Detroit, MI, USA 
October 6-8, 2021




Over the last 20 years, Automotive Audio has changed dramatically from being standard mono sound in one full range loudspeaker to a true multichannel playback system fully integrated and adjusted to the specific car. Today some of the most advanced sound technologies are being developed and applied in Automotive Audio. Recently the role of audio in the automotive industry has significantly changed. Sound systems are used to design the sound of cars, i.e. the sound of the car itself due to its motion and thus generation of sound (usually called noise). The impact of streaming, ride-share, autonomy, Battery Electric Vehicle’s (BEV’s), ownership models and car share could have a profound effect on the way we think about sound in and around vehicles and microphone challenges and use cases. 


The conference will give an overview of the present state-of-the-art in some specific topics, and addresses many of the new scientific disciplines involved in this still-emerging field. Automotive Audio involves combinations of otherwise complementary scientific fields such as power electronics, bus systems, loudspeaker drive units, signal processing (DSP), acoustics & vibrations (NVH) and more.


Call for Contributions reopening Dec 14, 2020 !

2021 AES International Conference on Automotive Audio

“Automotive Audio in A Disruptive Mobility World”


                                                   Keynotes, Papers, Panels and Workshops topics on:

                                                           System Architecture and Hardware

                                                                ·         System Concepts

                                                                ·         Concepts for Reproducing Low Frequencies

                                                                ·         Amplifier Technologies

                                                                ·         Transducers

                                                                       ·         Sensors

                                                                       ·         Microphones


                                                           Sound Reproduction in Cars

                                                                ·         Sound Field Control

                                                                ·         DSP Algorithms (Spectral / Spatial)

                                                                ·         Computer-aided System Tuning Methods

                                                                ·         Communication Technologies


                                                           Active Sound Management and Solutions

                                                                ·         Active Noise Control System Architectures

                                                                ·         Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

                                                                ·         Vehicle Sound Design (Internal and External)


                                                           Virtual Acoustics

                                                                ·         Simulations

                                                                ·         Auralizations

                                                                ·         Virtual and Augmented Reality


                                                           Evaluation of Sound Quality

                                                                ·         Subjective

                                                                ·         Objective

                                                                ·         Loudness

                                                                ·         Distortion

                                                                ·         Standards



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