31st AES International Conference, 2007
"New Directions in

High Resolution Audio"

London, UK        June 25-27, 2007



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Call for papers

The 31st International Audio Engineering Society Conference, entitled "New Directions in High Resolution Audio", will be held at Queen Mary, University of London, from June 25th-27th, 2007.

This Conference is concerned with the promotion and delivery of high resolution audio, by maintaining quality throughout the recording and playback chain with current and future technologies. It reflects the tremendous recent growth of high resolution audio techniques and products intended for use throughout the audio recording and playback chain. However, issues remain on how to avoid bottlenecks where quality is compromised, and how to maintain and encourage high resolution audio in an everchanging marketplace. These concerns are of interest to the audio engineering, recording and production industries, as well as to education and academia.

We aim to provide a place for the exchange of news, issues and results, by bringing together researchers , developers, educators, students and professional users, working in fields that contribute to high resolution audio, to present original theoretical or practical work. It also serves as a discussion forum, provides introductory and in-depth information in specific domains, and showcases current products.

Domains and Topics

The 31st AES Conference solicits contributions to the field of high resolution audio, including, but not limited to, the following domains and topics:

High resolution recording issues
• Bandwidth, sampling rate, dynamic resolution and spatial representation.
• Analog and digital recording equipment

Processing, manipulation and preparation of high resolution signals
• High quality analog design
• A/D and D/A conversion
• Format and sample rate interconversions
• High-resolution signal processing, 1 to n bit paradigms
• Spatial audio, virtual and acoustic spaces, virtual image manipulation

Storage of high resolution audio
• Current and future storage technology for high-density audio data
• Overview of high resolution consumer formats
• Copy protection
• Access speed, data reliability, bit packing and compression
• Professional archival formats and future-proofing

Electronic delivery of high resolution audio
• Network (wired and wireless) systems/delivery of high quality audio content
• Current and future formats for streaming and file delivery of high resolution audio
• Bandwidth
• Digital radio and broadcast applications including multichannel audio

Maintaining quality at playback
• Evolving technology for multiformat players
• PC-based playback: configuration and interfacing
• Converter technologies
• Jitter/interface/power supplies and other related forms of noise
• Digital amplification e.g., Class-D amplifiers

• Perceptual modeling.
• Objective evaluation and subjective performance of high-resolution audio
• Objective measurement and resolution issues
• Subjective procedures and evaluation psychology

Guidelines for Submissions

Papers and Posters

Paper and poster proposals should consist of an Abstract (60-120 words) followed by a Precis of (500-750) which can be submitted through the AES online system at:


Submissions, which will be peer-reviewed, may be in the following categories:
- paper (to be presented in the main sessions)
- poster or demonstration (to be presented in the poster sessions)
- original composition demonstrating features of high resolution audio (to be showcased throughout the conference)
- tutorial, panel or workshop proposals

Accepted authors will be notified by 23rd of March 2007. Full papers of a maximum of 10 pages (3000 words) should be submitted by 20th of April for publication in the proceedings. (Template will be provided)

All accepted paper will be published in the proceedings.

Tutorial, panel and workshop proposals

Proposals should include a title, an abstract, a session chair and a list of possible contributors. Please email all proposals to:



Recording companies. publishers, software and hardware developers, etc., are invited to contact the programme committee regarding exhibition space.


Deadline for abstract submissions for tutorials, panels and workshops: February 9th 2007.
Deadline for abstract + precis submissions for papers and posters/demos: February 9th 2007
Deadline for full paper submissions - April 20th 2007

Deadline for exhibiton space: June 1st 2007.

Submission deadlines

9 February 2007
Submission of abstracts and precis for tutorials, panels, papers and posters/demos

20 March 2007- submission of final papers.

1 June 2007
Exhibitor space

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